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Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for January 23, 2018

Operation Disclosure https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/ RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 23, 2018 The Alliance detected and de...

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Tiffany Stiles: Energy Report Update for January 23, 2018

Dear Beautiful Souls!

Energy Report Update by Tiffany Stiles

Remember me reporting 2018 is the “11” Master Universal Year” (2+0+1+8=11)?

On January 20th, the Sun shifted into Aquarius, ruler of the 11th House of the Zodiac… (11).

On January 31st, this rare Full Moon/Blood Moon/Blue Moon will take rise in the sky at 11° Leo, activating an incredibly rare 11-11-11 portal of abundance, continuing the 11:11 Master Energy upgrades to master your gifts and abilities.

The message couldn’t be clearer with the 11 Master Energy, that you are co-creating with the Universal Divine flow, creating your reality, and have the cosmic back-up to manifest whatever you wish this year!! Yes, it’s that powerful, as this 11:11 Master Energy- energetic pulse continues to ripple through from January 1st, all the way to January 31st. Oh, it doesn’t stop there…. as this is an 11 Universal Master “Year”- as I reported on previously. This entire year will be the one you learn how to master your gifts and abilities, specifically how you’re “manifesting your reality.” You will be continually tested on your manifestation skills in 2018 as you create your reality very quickly making it difficult to ignore YOU ARE the Master of your creations. This teaches responsibility in how, and what you’re creating/manifesting in your life.

This full moon lunar eclipse in Leo provides powerful energy to transform whatever you want in your life, and even reinvent yourself if you wish. This can cause some emotional ups and downs with a double dose of feminine energy due to two full moons this month; both extremely powerful manifestation portal moons with 11:11 energies. The August 21st solar eclipse in Leo brought some things to light, and to the surface that will resurface on the Lunar eclipse in Leo on January 31st. This is a most auspicious time to finally release the shackles on whatever has been holding you back!

Leo is the sign that is ruled by the Sun. With the lunar eclipse in play, this will bring shadow work into focus. Those dark parts of self that you’ve not accepted, merged, learned to love… Now’s the time to make friends with your shadow self and obtain the balance you’ve been searching for. This will require introspection, time alone, self love and self care. Self love encompasses the whole you/soul you. Take this time for you to pamper yourself, and take care of you and don’t worry about pleasing others in this process, it’s time to take care of yourself. Leo being backed by the sun affects the solar plexus chakra (our free will center). You may be feeling some pangs in your stomach, or nausea, as the solar plexus chakra expands your ability to stand up for yourself, speak from your heart and communicate those boundaries to those who have been overstepping them.

This energy backed by the sign of Leo, will give you the assertiveness you need to break free of anything, or anyone you feel has been holding you back.

By aligning with this energy, you have the power to shift your life in a whole new direction! Use this energetic flow to serve you wisely, as Leo’s negative aspects can raise your ego if easily triggered. What is triggered requires your focus and attention to work through to the root cause of the triggers.

The key lesson this energy shows us is to remain humble, grateful, focus on self love, self care and transform yourself using the power of the sun in Leo. Use the Full Moon Lunar eclipse to regain the balance in your life you’ve been searching for. This merges the Divine feminine/masculine aspects more in a cohesiveness that’s been lacking for many.

As we move into February, the 2 energy of February amplifies 11 (2018) Master Energy, and so the energetic pulse continues to remind us at all times to focus on our thoughts and what we’re creating as a result of those thoughts. Keep it positive.. and you shall reap the rewards of those positive intentions in your life. See your introspective thoughts through your higher self to notice negative patterns, or programming that needs shifted.

Sending much love light and blessings on your continued journey.
Tiffany Stiles ~ Metaphysical Life Coach

The Mystical Lotus LLC ©

Source: Tiffany Stiles

Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg: Love, Always

Judas Iscariot: Love, Always

I am Judas Iscariot and I have a question to pose today. I wonder sometimes how you humans think when you in one moment talk about being in the heart and listen intensively to it, while at the next moment you get irritated with close ones and blame all problems on this one, whom you say you love. Is it not so that you all are “One”. I am you, you are me, we all belong together and sit in the same boat. Or, do we sit in different boats? Then we cannot be One, how will this work? Are you multiple collectives or are you one collective? Does not the human race belong to one collective? Is not the love for this collective the only thing that matters? Is it not so that we simply are at different levels of development and that we without exception should be able to understand and love our neighbor? Do we not love our children and they come up with a lot of nonsense? We correct and put right, but we love them just as much. The Earth is full of children to love. All have a spark of God in them. They all have the opportunity to grow inside and open up to the truth that resides there. How does one grow dear children on Earth? Does one grow by harsh words or by loving words?

What does a lightworker do? Yes, they spread light and love around them? If it is not received they move on, but no harsh words are uttered, since inside there is the knowing that you are me and I am you. Lightworkers know that seeds need to be planted, but the recipient is responsible for if the seed will grow or not? Some need many seeds dear children on Earth before a single one can start to grow. It is the lightworkers task to leave seeds in loving knowledge that one of them might start to grow and wake up the longing that exists within all souls that once again they may be one with Source.

Love conquers everything, it is said, repeated and sung over and over again. In spite of this it appears to be difficult to get a good footing. When love takes over your whole soul you shine of love and it shines on everybody, small as large, young and old, beautiful and ugly, good and bad. Yes, it is there for everybody for it can see the light in everybody’s soul and know that everybody is on their own journey. It can reach out a helping hand if it feels that there is a need for it, other than this it just shines with its love and plant its seeds as it moves forward in life. Love is all, it is in everything, it belongs to everything as we are all born in love and nobody can ever take that away from us. It is our birthright – our gift from God. God only creates in love, in the highest love that exists and God loves everything he has created unconditionally. It is the unconditional love that you need to reach. When you have found it you have reached your goal in life. That is all, nothing more is needed. Your Christ consciousness has been reached and you are now one of God’s gifts on Earth.

Do you understand how important it is to cultivate love inside you? Do you understand now why we all the time talk about love and light inside you – the unconditional love that only wishes the best and who looks after everybody without exception. You are a part of the world dear children, you are a part of everything, you are a collective and it is in this collective that you work and act and send out your rays of love to anybody who wants to receive them, regardless of if they are among the poor or the rich, the good or bad or whatever you think of them. Ponder carefully dear children, these are just opinions, you do not know their truth, also not what God’s plan looks like – it is much above your level of consciousness. So be humble dear children on Earth and let love grow inside you until you cannot know anything but love.

I only feel love for you,


Channel: Ann Dahlberg – Translation from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: Era of Light

Doug Addison's Daily Prophetic Word for January 23, 2018

Here’s the Daily Prophetic Word for January 23, 2018!

You are going to be blessed by those who have opposed you in the past.

If someone forwarded this to you or you would like to get more information about the Daily Prophetic Words, visit http://dougaddison.com/daily-prophetic-word/


Doug Addison

Guest Posts Regarding the RV/GCR & More for Tues. Morning - 1.23.18

This is compilation of all guest posts submitted as of Tuesday Morning, January 23, 2018. All guest posts that are more than 3-5 paragraphs in length, or deemed important, or contains images, or is a response to another post may be considered as a standalone post.

Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted.

Another Note: Arrangement of Guest Posts is top to bottom. Each newly added Guest Post will be at the top rather than at the bottom.


"Re: RICO Action Filed on the Bank of Dene (Below)"

Entry Submitted by Vee at 11:33 AM EST on January 23, 2018

Thanks Anonym...I have talked to Lewis E Taylor lll several times and was the one I was going to call today.. And get the load down ..you covered it.

"Re: Anna Von Reitz Bank of Dene?"

Entry Submitted by Vee at 10:04 AM EST on January 23, 2018

"Anna Von Reitz Bank of Dene?" - Kim Possible Update 1-22-18

I will get to the bottom of this today... IN THE MEAN TIME!!! are you going to contact me ? To dicuss a means to liquidity..to everyone.. But You have got to help Me...to Help..All.


"Love to J"

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 9:33 AM EST on January 23, 2018

"Everything is as it Should be" by J - 1.23.18

Dearest J, thank you so much for sharing from your heart.

I’m sure we all know how that feels, can’t imagine there are many of us who’ve not been in that place in recent times. I know I have.

So happy that you found someone to talk to about it, that helps so much, to gain a different perspective. And we’re all always here for you, and for us all, whenever we need lifting up a little.

Sending love from my heart to yours.

Your soul sister, Harmony xxx

"RICO Action Filed on the Bank of Dene"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 9:21 AM EST on January 23, 2018

This is the Civil RICO filed on the Bank of Dene

bank of dene.pdf


"What's all this Psyops"

Entry Submitted by Sister Eureka at 7:40 AM EST on January 23, 2018


What on earth is going on in this lightworker redemption community?

All I focus on spiritual ascension and give light and await with patience when heavens releases #0800. For humanitarianism. Maybe this part of another test in this Games of Thrones

Sister Eureka xx

"Re: Tom H in Big Lake" by Fireswan - 1.23.18

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 10:57 AM EST on January 23, 2018

"Thanks to Fireswan, a Lie Detector's Guide" by Tom H in Big Lake - 1.23.18

If we remain outside the CIPS system because of non-compliance, or we do not release a gold-backed currency, and continue using FRN, then what happened to Zimbabwe will be our future.

Eventually, we might trade Yuan or other currencies as our in-country currencies in order to do what you say with "Order something from China on EBay". EBay would just show that the item can only be paid for with Yuan. There wouldn't be a way to convert FRN to Yuan, so you'd have to obtain it directly in some way through doing legitimate business with China.

It will be a shock for Americans not to have our currency be the global reserve currency, where we had a long run of doing whatever we wanted world-wide with our money. Rare situation, actually. Remember Roman money, "used and accepted world-wide". Romans got used to that also. Didn't have to learn or adjust to local merchant policies and processes.

If every country in the world is trading using CIPS, except us, we've already seen what that looks like. We are probably being spared that very unhappy outcome if we can satisfactorally drain the swamp.

I suggest that we support Tank in what he originally was doing with this lawsuit (support the swamp draining and compliance) and not get taken off-track.


"This Year" by A Human Angel - 1.23.18

Entry Submitted by A Human Angel at 10:42 AM EST on January 23, 2018

Jesus has said the Great Financial Reset will happen this year. This is the closest we have ever come to a date from Heaven. This could mean today or December 31st. In the meantime please help Kim by offering any suggestions that could help her bypass the sabotaged financial system that the Alliance painstakingly spent years constructing.

Kim, Tank and the Alliance will fix all the stoppages that the cabal have placed in the system but we are talking about thousands of banks and redemption centers. They now realize that their is nothing the cabal won't do to stop this.

The fact that the cabal are quiet at this time is probably not a good thing. They are happy for now that the stoppages they have in place are working. As the Alliance find and fix the stoppages the cabal will ramp up their efforts to apply new sabotages.

The White Hats are now asking the public to help them in any way possible. They basically want us to provide any evidence we may have against the deep state. I say enough evidence. This is not a legal matter. This is war. Does a soldier on the battlefield stop to gather evidence that the enemy he has in his sights has broken some kind of law? No. He pulls the trigger, takes him out and then looks for the next threat. The cabal are a threat. They have stated their intentions many times that they plan to take humanity out.

The White Hats should be looking to enlist a million more military personnel to arrest or I will say it kill without prejudice anybody cabal or otherwise that stands in the way of Nova Earth.

The Rothschilds have stated they will unleash chemical weapons on the world if they do not get their way. Even for that threat they are still walking around free. If a normal citizen were to utter a threat like that they would probably be shot dead on the spot or put away to never see the light of day again. The Rothschilds will never stop holding the world hostage. I guess what you see in the movies that we will not negotiate with terrorists does not apply to them.

A Human Angel.

"Response to Victor, et al" by One of One - 1.23.18

Entry Submitted by One of One at 10:26 AM EST on January 23, 2018

This is not against Victor. It is regarding us, each and all, and our way of being, including how we behave and treat each other.

Also, this is not about me, it is about we; yet I will somewhat use me because of my experiences and some principles involved in the nature of those experiences.

We know that I do not frequently post here on IDC. In fact, this is the only blog into which I have posted, because of the community and the objective of creating an earth where loving experiences prevail.

Brother Victor has sounded the trumpet, and pointed the finger at one of us...

I have experienced being on the receiving end of such behavior and accusation/allegation, where things have been presented as fact and as there being irrefutable evidence and proof of their validity, when the truth of the matter has been, and yet is, that the alleged facts have been false,..., and/or misinterpreted and/or twisted and/or merely reductions/false-conclusions/false-judgments based upon various, and often many, fallacies of reasoning, e.g. non sequitur, failure to obtain or consider all the facts necessary to a reliable conclusion/judgment, false conclusions/judgments taken as facts into the conclusion/judgment process, failure to verify and prove out facts before drawing conclusion(s), employment of false facts in forming conclusion(s)/judgment(s), biased substitution of altered-meaning of words in forming/maintaining conclusion(s)/judgment(s), circular reasoning, etc.

Sometimes, people do such because of their own ignorance and/or false beliefs...and/or lack of development; and, sometimes, people are set up to be the mouthpiece/agent for such injustice/unrighteousness/unlove and foolishness; and such mouthpieces/agents may unwittingly be serving a dark/occult agenda. In my experience with the progression of The Republic for the united States of America (arising of the people, while unwittingly and coincidentally in accord with an intention expressed of "Grandfather"), I have observed the chaos/disorder affected of the foregoing. The movement/progression regarding the republic increasingly became affected by darkness and falseness and unloving behaviors...including things of agents (witting or unwitting)...

And so it is with our IDC community. One may discern and know this without judgment.

Why are we so polluted? Essentially it is two things: We have not cleared all of our individual causes of dirty/unlove/non-light energies and behaviors; and we have dark ones who see our wondrous, just and noble intention and potential, and they are intently affecting mayhem and disunity (divide and conquer) so that their dark/occult/overlording agenda/objective/intention may survive and prevail. The Order (including wittingly or unwittingly complicit attorneys, bankers, etc.) would preserve itself, including its customs and practices; and, when sufficiently secured in the greater realization of the ulterior motives of The Order, it would become more apparently oppressive, using such things as contracts and law and money in the furtherance and security of its slave-system involving all of its rape, pillage, plunder, murder...

We may choose that with the help of our spirit of love and light and truth...we take a heart-centered look at who would stand to gain by falsely discrediting any of us, e.g. Kim, Tank, Jared, Patrick...One of One... Who would that be? It is The Order (which Kim is exposing and regarding which I too have shared with enough distinction to help the discerning and wise know that I share of my experiential knowing...) and its entire system, including many attorneys, bankers, so-called officials...(and some of the military are not excepted)...

My precious brothers and sisters, I have no apparent knowledge/memory of ever having met either Tank or Kim or Jared. However, I have knowledge regarding many things presented of them, even things presented unto the IDC community that have not been elsewhere so presented (various republics, The Order...); and I have Source awareness/knowing of some other things; and neither of these raise any red flag regarding any of them. I can see that they are in a process of discovery while they progress along their journey of life-experience in their respective earth suits; and, while I see that there are, or may be, a few inaccuracies of presentation, I comprehend the nature of the inaccuracies and that they are simply part of their process of progression. And there is not any of us who is not in the same process, the same anaprometamorphosis (involving upward forward change).

There is a concept: By their fruits you shall know them. Why don't we simply allow that Kim do the honorable thing and desire that she presents unto us? Why not let that be sufficient regarding whether or not she is true?

Look in the mirror, or inwardly reflect, and ask yourself, Am I entirely the same that I was in the past?

If each of us does our part in nurturing our Source-beingness, including our Source communication and knowing connection, and in being the highest-purest love and light...that of our essence and innate being we may be, we will not be so polluted or tossed about and we will hasten the realization of our most loving and honorable intentions, including the loving disempowerment of The Order and the loving empowerment of the people/People.

With active good will,
One of One


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