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"Hardball" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 25, 2017

Received via email at 10:34 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles We're on an hour by hour trigger starting @ 4pm EDT today. Milita...

Sunday, June 25, 2017

"Gospel" - GCR/RV Op-Ed - Sunday - June 25, 2017

Received via email at 12:41 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

What's the gospel or good news about this last second Middle East delay tactic between Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

Well it means the long held cabal factions led by Israel and US are no longer calling any shots.

Saudi Arabia knows its on its own because it can no longer rely on American crude sales.

Because Saudi Arabia has now pulled away from the West entirely, especially here at the very end, is good news because this is just how Arab men negotiate normally.

The House of Saud wants a sweetener from the Elders and used Qatar as their leverage.

They're probably either demanding longer terms in existing oil sales contracts or better pricing per barrel on the global fixed price of the crude oil market.

We suspect the Elders knew this pull away was coming and left room in the spot price via Russia, and will more than likely allow the spot price to increase in exchange for the fighting to completely stop in Yemen.

Which Saudi Arabia will have to accommodate just to be GESARA compliant anyway.

What the House of Saud must anticipate is that crude oil for mass energy purposes will be shut down in 10 years or less with the new technologies awaiting release by Chinese manufacturing companies.

So this last second pull away maneuver is all game theoried out by both sides well in advance.

The gospel here is that it means we're really at the end of this RV marathon thankfully. Mercifully. Abundantly.

Hang in there.

Elon Musk Provides Funds for a Project to Educate 260 Million Children in Africa

Elon Musk is recognised for many revolutionary ideas, but his new investment could really move development forwards into a positive future for the young generation.

He is currently funding a project called the Global Learning XPRIZE, which is helping children in Tanzania to learn to read and write. With a $15 million investment, Musk is hoping to progress the teaching of skills that are considered basic in many parts of the developed world, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, to around 260 million children who would otherwise not be able to access these skills throughout their life.

According to recent reports, the humanitarian project is planning on running throughout 150 villages across Tanzania, where each one will be given Pixel C tablets, which have been provided by Google. This software has been specially designed by a variety of teams for the XPrize competition, and aims to aid children between the ages of seven to ten in their formal education.

X-PRIZE have chosen 11 semi-finalist software creators from 198 entrants back in 2014. The semi-finalists are currently developing their unique software in the hope of winning the overall competition in September, where five finalists will be chosen and awarded with a sum of $1 million, before their software is taken to be tested in Tanzania.

Further to this, a period of 18 months of software testing in Tanzania will commence, and whichever educational tools see the most improvement in the children studying, compared to a control group, will then win $10 million.

The children taking part in the live testing of the revolutionary software have never received any teaching before, and all live very far from any schools, meaning that formal education would otherwise have been impossible for them.

Source: Truth Theory

"To GK, My Worthy Comrade in Humor" by Senior Citizen - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by Senior Citizen at 12:01 PM EDT on June 25, 2017

Dear GK,

Thank you for your reply. Actually I do have an appreciation of art of many styles and schools of expression. Some, more than others, in the expression of humor, as well as artistic expression. For example, I love Jackson Pollack who mastered and, in my humble opinion, led the American abstract expressionist movement over the more blunt expression of Andres Serrano, who is well known for using bodily fluids as in Piss Christ and various other works. I also love the Dutch Masters and more classic schools. Fruit sits on my breakfast table in a bowl and I do admire the beauty of it as the sunlight dances and plays on the colors as it passes over it throughout the changing hours of the day.

But let us put away our swords. So, I take it, my playful wit flew over your head? I hope it did not ruffle your bangs as it did so. What a wonderful world in which we live that both should be able to co-exist peacefully without the need to invalidate the other. I find that art, like humor, can be found expressed in the scalar opposites of deft strokes and heavy hands. One using wit, the other using shock words, or as in known in the trade as working blue, and calling of names. It is all valid and both have the appreciative audiences that suit their expression.

As for me? I grew up in awe of the boldness of Lenny Bruce. I have sat enraptured at the feet of Robin Williams and Johnathan Winters. I actually had a couple of dates with Robin, but that is an entirely different story. I studied with The Committee when I was in San Francisco and led seminars in improvisational comedy. My dear, know with whom you spar. My hair nor humor is blue. Perhaps in the halls of heaven we can entertain each other with wit and humor. I look forward to it my worthy comrade.

"Message to Elders Re: Hardball" by (Anonymous) - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:50 AM EDT on June 25, 2017

"Hardball" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 25, 2017

Dear Elders:

Every time, every time, the Cabal pulls out, reneges, attempts to renegotiate, changes the deal. Every time.

Please draw a line in the sand. At 4:30 EDT US, please release the 800 Numbers Globally. If Saudi Arabia and Bahrain comply, fine. Otherwise, they are out.

The World and Humanity have suffered endlessly and the Cabal refuses to cooperate. Enough is Enough.

Please release the 800 Numbers at 4:30 EDT US regardless of the consequences. This has to end.

Thank you.

"In Response to Hardball" by Midwestman - 6.25.17

Entry Submitted by Midwestman at 11:09 AM EDT on June 25, 2017

"Hardball" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 25, 2017

This may be a little hard for some to read but it is my opinion. I just read about ANOTHER delay to the rv in that the Saudi's pulled a last minute change on the elders and thus delayed the rv from starting. Apparently the elders had anticipated this, so my question is, why do we keep giving these people another chance? They have chosen their path. If they don't want to play ball, send them back to the stone age and let their leaders explain to their people why that has happened. We need to get this done NOW! If the NPTB had all of these contingency plans in place, its time to use them and wish those that didn't want to play along good luck. How many more chances do we need to give these people?? If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, its probably a DUCK!

Come on guys, people are suffering. We can do a lot of god for our families and communities if you would just get this done. PUSH the button!


Saudi-led Demands Aimed at Removing Qatar Hands off all Aces

‘Saudi-led demands aimed at emptying Qatar hands off all aces’

Published time: 24 Jun, 2017 16:27

© Naseem Zeitoon / Reuters

The Saudis are attempting to use Qatar as an example to show other regional players the astronomical cost of standing against Riyadh, but they no longer have the power to impose their will on Doha, says political commentator Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm.

The four Arab states that imposed boycotts on Qatar have given Doha 10 days to comply with a list of 13 demands. Among other things, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt reportedly want Qatar to shut down its Al Jazeera news network, reduce cooperation with Iran, and close down a Turkish military base.

Qatar has lashed out at the demands, the fulfillment of which was presented as a precondition for the resumption of diplomatic ties. Doha slammed the ultimatum as an attempt to limit its sovereignty and foreign policy, calling it neither “reasonable” nor “realistic.”


‘Attack on sovereignty & independent foreign policy’: #Qatar slams Gulf ultimatum as ‘unrealistic’

Political commentator Seyed Mostafa Khoshcheshm doesn’t believe Qatar will comply with the demands, as the Saudis no longer have power to impose their will on Doha.

“At the beginning of the conflict, they tried to intimidate Doha with military force, with chances of a coup. But we all knew that these two options were off the table. The main issue was laying an economic siege on Qatar to bring it to its knees and to incite dissent inside Qatar to provoke the Qataris to stand against their government. But they failed. And the longer this crisis goes, the fewer the chances would be for the Saudis to gain what they want,” he told RT.

The analyst says Qatar and Saudi Arabia have long been regional rivals.

“The Saudis always claim to be the leader of the Arab world, while Qatar believes that it’s a heavyweight and its benefits and interest should also be taken in consideration,” he said.

✔ @RT_com

Turkey has no intention of closing Qatar base despite Saudi ultimatum


Turkish base in Qatar benefits security of entire Gulf region – Ankara

According to Khoshcheshm, the Saudis intended to sort out “the problem of Qatar” at the US-led Islamic summit in Riyadh last month.

“They asked all countries to ally with them against Iran; Qatar knew the cost and avoided it,” he said.

The Saudis then decided to use Qatar as an example for others, Khoshcheshm said.

“They started to bring up a new equation to make Doha understand that the equation is – if you accompany us, you will sustain some losses because of strained ties with Iran and increasing the risk ratio for investment in projects in Qatar. But if you stand against us or stay away from our plan, then the costs would be astronomical and incomparable to what you have to pay if you obey us,” he explained.

The point of putting forward that list of demands, the analyst says, is “to empty the hands of Qatar from the merits and winning aces that it had, or that made it a heavyweight.”


Trump administration contradicts itself on #Qatar allegations

According to Khoshcheshm, those include Qatar’s ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, strong ties with Hamas “that gave them a say on the Israeli-Palestinian” issue, and also its relations with Iran.

As to why Al Jazeera’s closure was included in the demands, the analyst said it is because Riyadh knows the network is “powerful in promoting Qatar’s views.”

The question is – will Arab states demand that the US close its Qatar base?

RT asked Osman Faruk Logoglu, former Turkish ambassador to the US, whether the Gulf nations will also put pressure on Turkey over the situation with Qatar.

“It’s a big list of demands. I would rather refer to it as an ultimatum with the timeline attached to it. So, what US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said – that these demands should be “reasonable and actionable” – they are neither reasonable nor actionable,” he said.

In Logoglu’s opinion, the crisis “may get even worse.”

“As far as the Turkish element is concerned, the demand from Qatar to close down Turkish bases and military cooperation with Turkey – the minister of National Defense of Turkey said that this is not on the agenda, this is for the protection of the region, and nobody should make a problem of Turkish presence there,” he said.

“When I was serving as a member of parliament from the main opposition party, we didn’t feel comfortable with this military agreement with Qatar. Turkey has signed dozens of military cooperation agreements with different countries. What was different with the one concerning Qatar was the actual basing of Turkish military equipment and personnel on the territory of Qatar. Of course, this latest crisis has turned the Turkish military base in Qatar into part of the problem. I think it will need a lot of imaginative work by all the parties concerned, but especially by Turkey, to resolve this question,” he said.


Qatar blockade: Arab states give Doha 10 days to cut ties with Iran & close Turkish base

“We have to be fair. We did question the need, the validity, and motivation behind these arrangements with Qatar, but Saudi Arabia and the three other countries that demanded the closure [of the Turkish base] – are they prepared to demand that closure of US airbase in Qatar, as well? This is a crisis that needs careful maneuvering by all sides,” the former ambassador added.

According to the diplomat, some of the demands may be reasonable as far as relations between the Arab nations and Qatar are concerned.

“But for there to be fairness and transparency, I think they have to put on the table what they are expecting Qatar to do,” he said.

Nonetheless, Logoglu thinks the nations involved in the dispute will manage to resolve it.

“Qatar has experienced similar problems before, back in 2014. They were able to resolve those differences. I have a feeling that, despite the intensity and harsh and loud talk by the different parties over this crisis, that a solution will be found by the Arab states to this crisis,” he told RT.

Source: RT

Tweets from Iraqi PM Abadi: In Honor of Martyrs 6-25-17

In the USA, we call it "GI's giving the ultimate sacrifice".
It is good the extra attention Muslims give to their fallen ones.

Submitted by Jeff


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