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Monday, May 15, 2017

"Re: Tonight's Word - Heisenberg, Explanation" - One Who Knows - 5.15.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 12:23 PM EDT on May 15, 2017

RE: Tonight's Word - Heisenberg, Explanation

"Tonight's Word: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" - Heisenberg - 5.14.17

I just want to give a BIG Thank You to Heisenberg for all the support you have given us here on DC, and to me as well. You are a great asset to the community. When I read your posts, I am right there, sitting on the stool at Paddy's throwing back a few pints with family and friends, and all is well! All I need now is the address to Paddy's so I can get there after the RV!

The reason for my post today, other than expressing my appreciation for you and your contributions to DC, is I received a couple emails from people who didn't understand your "Inside Joke" in your last post. Of course I got the joke right away because I too knew of the "Hit Piece" that was written by a Troll that got run out of our House previously. So, in that regard, I wanted to clear up the matter and bring the rest of DC in on the "Joke" that you were referring to.

The Original Post

In Heisenberg's post he included a "Hit Piece" that was written against me, Patrick, and IDC. It was a pathetic attempt at warning people about me, & us here on IDC. Here is the link and post that was the "Joke:"

************* Start Hit Piece *************


Saturday, May 13, 2017

"Negativity" - The Source Is One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. , 13 MAY

Since it is believed that negative posts are stopping the RV, then the source of the negativity needs to be stopped!

Take a look at all the reactive posts and you'll find the source is One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. with their continuous daily postings about all the negativity.

If it is to be true that the Negativity is stopping the RV, then One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. shouldn't be posting any more. Both Patrick and One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. should realize this by now. Everything has already been said that needs to be said and it's all in the archives.

Should Patrick continue to post One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr., or anybody else on his website, then that makes his responsible for stopping the RV.

It's really that simple. If the only thing that needs to be done is sending out the 800 numbers, then that's the only post that needs to be made.

Will Patrick continue to allow the RV to be stopped?


************* End Hit Piece *************

I Was Alerted To This

I was alerted to this post when it came out and WAS PLEASED to see it. This is what Heisenberg was making fun of in his last post. It is funny, but it also works as well.

I know who wrote this and it was a Troll that we ran out of our house, and while I won't name them directly, I will point to the one clue that "Matches" what they wrote here in DC. Here is the clue (You should be able to match up this thought with a prior post of mine):

*** Start Excerpt ***

"Should Patrick continue to post One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr., or anybody else on his website, then that makes his responsible for stopping the RV."

*** End Excerpt ***

Basically, it is a call for Patrick to stop "All posting" of my posts or ANYONE Else's posts. I will help you make the connection to an earlier post. Before this thought was expressed as "All Dinarland Web sites should be shut down!"


I come from the place of "Everything Is Working Out." That means whatever happens, it "Turns Out to be good for me." This post is no exception. It serves us, and Dinarland as a whole in a big way.

#1) Notice that Patrick's site http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/ WAS NOT mentioned. This means that if anyone is going to check this out, they will have to use a search engine like Google.

#2) If they Search "One Who Knows" they will find all my posts on the RV, Manifestation, encouragement, Zorra, and especially "Troll Whacking." They will learn about what the Cabal are doing to dishearten us and cause our hopes to be dashed. Frankly it is a study in Troll behavior 101.

Interestingly and importantly, they will see the in-depth Forensic analysis I did on that one Troll post. By the way, while I don’t have absolute evidence, I have enough to say with high confidence that the Forensic Study Post, is the same one who wrote the hit piece above. That means they are literally leading people to see their post and how it was taken apart as pure Cabal agenda.

#3) If they search "Richard Lee McKim Jr" they will find my book, "How To Use Your God Power®," and almost a thousand videos on my book and self help topics. They will also find the raving reviews on my Book that literally say that "It is the Greatest Book Ever Written." Many of the reviews of my book say that same thing and lots of other wonderful comments as well. I am proud of it!

#4) This Hit Piece, was posted on a site that I understand has been infested with Disinformation. So, this allows these readers a chance to find IDC, and all the good information we have here. This Piece actually ends up "Poaching" their readers to come and find a WAY better place to find the good information they are looking for. Not only are they going to find IDC, they will also find my Book, and all the other self-help videos I have put out about creating the life of your dreams. All in all, if they do in fact, look up One Who Knows, or Richard Lee McKim Jr, they will benefit for doing so.

Win, Win, Win, Win

So, to say I am glad that this "Hit Piece" was posted, is an understatement. It is free advertising to come and find me and my work. Will they find "Negativity?" Only when it comes to Troll Whacking. Otherwise they will find uplifting, encouraging, and informative information instead. It is a win for them, a win for IDC, a win for me as a writer, and a win for us all, as I expect we will get more family members who will be glad to find our House and then call it Home as we do.

A Good Example Of NOT Working Out

This is a good example of Not working out. When you come from a place of worry, fear or not working out, whatever you do FAILS. It has to since it was "Born" of not working out, it MUST become not working out.

This is the state of the Cabal, Trolls, and Minions. They are in Worry, Fear, and in a Self-Destructing NOT working out place. Everything is going wrong for them, and thus everything they do backfires on them. Just like this example, where an "Intended" Hit Piece, ends up being a great advertising piece that ends up Poaching readers from a cabal infested site, to come over a get the real truth here on IDC.

They would love for you to be in Worry and Fear like they are, and will try every trick in the Cabal book to get you there. But, of course, we here at IDC are immune to Troll Propaganda and Fear Mongering.

Message To Trolls:

You are doomed and destined to Fail. You have NO Military, NO control over any part of the Financial system, No money coming in from your illegal drug sales, No control over any government in the World, NO upper "Management" as they have all been taken out (STK), or taken off planet, and you have no hope of EVER getting any of this back. The energy that we Light Workers Hold, is making EVERYTHING you do fail, and in fact, whatever you do, ends up working for the Light Workers side. For you last few Minions, and Faces, your time is very short... Days, Hours, or less.

Trolls, don't come up in our House. We know your message and can spot it a mile away. If you do, here is what awaits you:

"IDC Light Warriors Brigade/Update" - One Who Knows - 5.13.17

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I wanted to thank Heisenberg for his latest post (Link at the top), and reassure others that it was not meant to discredit me, it was meant as a joke, but you had to know the background story to get it, and now you do.

Manifesting 101: Working out perspective leads to EVERYTHING working out, where as a NOT Working out perspective leads to Failure and loss. Right now, the Cabal, and their Minions and Trolls, are in a Fearful, NOT working out state. Everything they do is backfiring and self-destructing on them. They understand this very well, and as a result, they would love nothing better than to get you, the Light Workers, in a worrying, Fearful state of mind as well, so we would self destruct just like they are. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TROLLS.

We are at the end of a multi thousand year plan to rid our planet of the evil Cabal and their minions. If this were a "Distance Measurement," we would have already traveled a million miles and we only have a inch to go. We already have and control EVERYTHING in the World. EVERY Government is on-board for the Change. The plan is not only set, but it is about to complete any time now.

When the rates change publicly, it will signal the end of this journey. The Cabal have built an empire based on money and controlling it, and now even an 18 year old, and 98 year old alike, could have trillions of dollars of their own, and will NEVER EVER be controlled again. None of us will. What are the Cabal going to do? Try to get more money than us... and do what? At this point it is IMPOSSIBLE for the remaining Cabal minions to do anything but wait for their inevitable fate. Let the minions self-destruct in their Worry and Fear, while we stand in our Confidence and Knowing that this is truly done.

Here is a Perspective from Grandfather for us all:

"Imagine that your funds are already in the bank, and the only thing you are waiting for now, is the word that your funds have been released and made available for withdrawal."

My Friends, that time is near.

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows



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